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Heritage and tradition

Château Damase

Damase is the name of the glorious ancestor with whom everything started back in 1938. Originally from Corrèze, he produced and commercialized wines in the purest bordelaise fashion. Winemaker and entrepreneur, Damase Milhade is the founder of a wine-trading house in Galgon, which is managed today by the 4th generation of Milhades, the daughters of Gérard, Cécilia and Charlotte.

Facing the south
This 14.5 hectare estate situated on the hillsides overseeing the Isle, close to Fronsac and 5 kilometers away from Pomerol has been in the Milhade family for years.
The siliceous-clay soils with ferruginous sandstone allow for a varied grape planting that is composed of mostly Merlot (85%). However, three other grape varieties are also worked in Château Damase, which gives it a singular originality and distinctiveness.

Nicknamed “bouchet” in the Libournais, the Cabernet-Franc represents one of the oldest wine varieties in the Bordeaux region. The Petit Verdot, very tannic and a late bloomer, enters in marginal proportions (1-5%) in the making of the wine, but this addition, although minimal, gives the wine its’ true texture.

Finally, the Carmenère, a grave variety from the Bordeaux region which was thought to be extinguished following the outbursts of phylloxera in the 19th century. It has not been replanted due to its low yields and its great sensitivity to coulure (pronounced coo-LYUR, is a potential viticultural hazard that is the result of metabolic reactions to weather conditions that causes a failure of grapes to develop after flowering). However, the win is very colorful and rich; it adds brilliance, character and roundness when assembled with other grape varieties. Capable of aging, it goes remarkably well with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, but can also be vinified alone.
It is traditionally vinified in stainless steel thermo-regulated tanks, with short and regular pumping, and a 3 week maceration period. It is raised in oak barrels. The wine from Château Damase is a skillful assembly of these different grape varieties, which creates an aromatic wine of deep color.
Château Damase “Carmenère” is the result of an incredible wager to work with a grape variety forgotten since the 19th century, although it is a typically bordelais grape. This production amounts to 15 000 bottles of 100% Carmenère; it is intensely red, has hints of peppers, red pepper and black pepper, and surprises by its roundness and balance, as well as by its rarity, due to the fact that it was forgotten or set aside because of low yields and its’ sensitivity to the climate.